The Jumping Frog of DuPage County

I was sorting through my purse today and came across the usual business cards tucked in pockets along with the lipstick or cramming my wallet, giving a very misleading idea of the size of my bankroll. It’s garbage day so I tossed them in with my recyclables and realized too late I’d cheated myself out of some cheap cheer: the business card origami jumping frog.

I used to pick up any business card that was green — from landscapers, fancy tea shops or hawkers of green wares. But this cute little origami action figure can be folded from any 2X1 rectangle of paper. The thickness of the card makes it awkward to fold neatly, but it jumps farther and higher than a mere paper frog.  A few years ago I demoed the froggie during a training I was giving on FICA or Roth IRAs or some such snoozy subject. It went over big but proved a dumb idea — competitive young men spent the rest of the hour in frog jumping competitions.

Fold the card in half and unfold.

Fold top half to center crease and unfold.

Flip card over. Fold to make diagonals and unfold.

Collapse model flat, using the creases you’ve made.

Fold bottom edge up.

Fold both tips of top layer up.

Fold both sides to center and fold the flaps out. All the layers are making it tough to fold. Use a straight edge like a ruler to achieve neater folds than mine.

Fold bottom edge to the underside half way up, then fold top portion up. That pleats’s what gives the model its spring.

Flip it over and here’s your frog. Press in the spot indicated by the star to make it jump. This takes some practice and technique.

For those of you who’d prefer actual diagrams and stuff, here’s the model courtesy of

Well, hey, lots of us still have boxes of business cards left over from our last few jobs, right? Use a few up on the froggies — they jump well with wine, beer, cocktails and chocolate milk.



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2 responses to “The Jumping Frog of DuPage County

  1. Girl, you DO beat all!!

    If I weren’t so tired tonight (see LT) I’d tell you how much I like these.

  2. Yikes, Rachel, rest up! (And I’m glad I DO beat all.)

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