A Peek at a Week

Not only do I grind my molars when someone puts the ing on the end of journal and scrapbook, turning two nice nouns into verbs, but I seriously suck at  journal writing or keeping a scrap book. God knows I’ve tried for years, since someone gave me a diary with the tiny lock and key for my tenth birthday.  I remember staring at the blank pages and thinking “Um, what am I supposed to write about? My life is boring.” I still feel that way, but now I know exactly how many words a day I can push out. With writing and blogging I’m not going to sit down waste un mot on something like “Read the Sunday Times, bacon and eggs, two loads of laundry, half of “Hurt Locker” — which pretty much describes yesterday.

I love scrapbooks but I’m sniffy about “scrapping” and all the expensive junk that hangs in the aisles of Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Geez, people, just glue in those ticket stubs, that take-out menu, some photos  — the real stuff. Why pay 1.59 for a tiny pink bow with a bead on the knot? And all that pricey paper? (Uh, scratch the pricey paper bit, because I’m a paperholic. I too could save some bucks using newspaper for my origami — when pigs fly over a frozen hell.)

But I read of a whiz bang scrapbook idea in this month’s Real Simple, and I’m gonna do it for real. The charm for me is that you do this for only one week a year, no leather-bound journal or cutesie stick-on lettering  necessary. A camera is.

You keep a mildly obsessive/compulsive photographic record of your chosen seven consecutive days — meals, shopping trips, the, the face on your alarm clock when you get up, the newspaper headlines, your feet on the bathroom scales — anything that captures that day. At the end of the week print out the photos, stick them into the plastic sleeves used for baseball cards, date the spine of a ring binder and Bob’s your uncle. Repeat sometime next year.

I’ve always wanted to add a poll to this blog, and here’s my big opportunity


So far today:

This date will go down in history as the birthday of Ian McArthur, a Great Man — ask anyone who knows him — and my father. Happy Birthday, Daddy! XOXO. (He’s not here today — this is the infamous Men in Argyle pic from a couple of Christmases ago. Also sporting the diamonds are John, my nephew Miles, my brother Ian, and Lou.)

The kitchen clock showing the time I decided to do this thing.

Willow napping in a sunshiney spot.

My madly exciting shopping, and lunch — yes, I had a dollar Whopper Junior.

Well, I did tell you I lead a dull life! I’d better go take more pictures — maybe I can find some paint drying somewhere.



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7 responses to “A Peek at a Week

  1. Oh — have no fear folks. I don’t intend to have daily updates on this post!

  2. Peter G

    There’s a load of crap in the scrapbooking I see going on. My neighbor’s some kind of rep with a sales agenda and she keeps inviting me to her creative get-togethers. Once was enough.

    I like the photo idea. Reminds me of a Psych 100 project where we kept a bedside journal to record our dreams as soon as we woke. That small act of writing and sketching has made me remember dreams from 25 years ago.

    I’m inspired to wear Argyle.

    • Peter, although I’ve never “met” you, I just know you would rock the Argyle. I’ve played with the idea of keeping a dream journal, and thanks to you I may start. Thing is, I have variations of three dreams, none of them cheerful. There’s than one where I was exploring Milwaukee, which looked like a snowy spectral Venice, trying to get to a Glenn Gould concert ….

  3. I just broke the tie!

    I LOVE the pic of your guys—the handsome things! I KNEW you had a red kitchen—I just knew. There should be a rainbow kitty somewhere in our future, I hope—her name will be Cornbread. I always have a W,Jr. if BK is our venue, and when we lived in an apartment, I used to dream that suddenly I noticed a door I’d never seen, and behind it was a LOVELY LARGE room I didn’t know we had.

    Now that I’ve lived for several years with the growing morass of THE ROOM which will never be either passable (as in walk into without breaking a leg) or cleaned out, I dream that I come in here and that door is GONE—ergo, no room.

    I’ll be looking forward to your diarette!!

  4. absurdoldbird

    Great idea! I hate things that bog one down, keep one stuck to something that feels like it’s going to last forever. As for the scrapbook hobby, it’s commercial and the way most people fall for the commerciality of it means that it catches the ones people who don’t have original creativity. What’s just as bad (if not worse, in some ways) there are programs out there for doing the same thing on the computer!

  5. Kim Shook

    Actually, I’d enjoy seeing the whole week. I ADORE minutia! I am a would-be scrapbook-er. I have boxes of the stuff that should be in one and am a lover of all things cute and little and collage. But getting TO it is hard. Once every year, I get it all out and sort it into files and get completely organized and then, somehow, run out of steam and by the time I get back to it, NEW stuff is piled on top and it just seems overwhelming!

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