Food: Fast, Fake and Fuzzy/C & C Giveaway!

Let’s say three of the things you live for are curling, Kierkegaard and carpentry. Then let’s imagine you found an activity that pulled all three together in one cheap, cheerful place. Oh frabjous day!

I love Japanese culture, fake food and the fun and consolation of not-very-challenging crochet projects. If you glance at the header you’ll see how they all came together in that enchanting, kinda useless Japanese crochet category called amigarumi.

The Japanese rock the fake food world! Think of those plastic replicas of sashimi and noodles in the windows of Japanese restaurants — I think they’re (very) minor works of art, and they’re pricey. Think about those wind-up sushi toys: Wacko Jacko’s in LA has a great collection and I’m kicking myself that I gave away a suitcase full when I got home. Origami has a small but growing culinary division, and I hope to share a folded meal with you when I master that tricky double-dip ice cream cone. The Japanese are so good at this stuff they can make real food look like fake food — think of those molds that can transform a hard boiled egg into a wee race car or bunny.

My grandmother Frances Henrietta Moss McArthur , apart from filing a column with “The London Free Press,” running the distaff side of a farm, and playing the organ at church, was a notable needlewoman. She bought me a sampler from the five and dime in Glencoe Ontario when I was six and initiated me into the sisterhood of Lazy Daisies and French Knots. When I was nine, she lent me a crochet hook and the golf ball-sized remnant of a ball of wool and had me churning out granny squares for an afghan in progress. Embroidery and crochet remain my favorite forms of handwork and I regret that she died before I could thank her adequately. If she’s keeping up with my blog while superintending choir practice in heaven, thanks Gammy!

Amigarumi is an offspring off the calculatedly cute Japanese culture of kawaii — think Hello Kitty. If you remember my original header, those perky animals are amigarumi’s typical subject matter, and I’ve hooked out a small zoo in the last couple of years. But when food subjects began to make an appearance at crochet wbesites I put off making mates for my monkeys and started to whip up cupcakes and bacon and eggs. I figure that by this time next year I’ll have run though a diner menu, meatloaf sandwiches and all.

GIVEAWAY! If you place a comment here about an activity that combines curling, Kierkegaard and carpentry, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of Magz Rags Custom Aprons. I’ll pull the winner on March 4th,

As Soren said:” Boredom is the root of all evil .”


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6 responses to “Food: Fast, Fake and Fuzzy/C & C Giveaway!

  1. There once was a Canadian carpenter. One day, while she was building a curling arena, she realized that she really didn’t have a clue who Kierkegaard was. And, she had to look at the post above to make sure she had spelled Kierkegaard right.

    Have a lovely day.

    I really wanted crocheted bacon and eggs, but an apron will do.

  2. Dean

    The railing on our back porch is falling off. I was going to fix it, but then thought of the old saying ” Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good. ” So I put on my snazzy new pants ( ) and played Mario Kart instead.

  3. Jayne

    While waiting for the carpenter to build his church Kierkegaard practiced his curling.

  4. Gretchen

    I have never fully understood the rules of curling or carpentry. But Kierkegaard, really? Not even sure if that’s a place or a person. I feel utterly inadequate… that an activity?

  5. erin garnhum

    Seen on church bulletin board:

    “Wednesday Night Discussion:’Faith We Can Believe In.’ We discuss whether we believe in curling simply because we have physical proof of its existence.”

    *Please bring 1m dowling and 5 x pin nails, we’ll be building our own curling brooms for contemplation.

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