Pucker Up: C & C Site of the Day

That puckering is the result of my mad love for white vinegar. Sure, I’ve got the balsamic, the cider, the red wine, the white wine and the rice, all perfect and necessary in their culinary applications. But am I going to squander that balsamico to deskunk the spaniel? Remove stains with red wine vinegar? Use rice vinegar to descale the showerhead? I admit to once cleaning the powder room mirror with cider vinegar, but that was a drop-in-company emergency.

I am no housewife, but without that gallon of white vinegar I’d be one step closer to total crudditude.

(I was aiming for still life with Victrola, vinegar and tulips. Willow decided she’d improve the composition.)

My mother kept a clean house (well, she had Help,) but her motherly words of wisdom mostly went like this:

“The La Prairie Night Serum costs two hundred dollars an ounce, but it’s worth it.” Or: “A safe wardrobe is a dull wardrobe.” Or: “Jamie Oliver has never let me down.” But these bon mots have stuck with me since my teens: “When you’re washing windows go with vinegar and water. Wipe with newspapers. No streaks, no fuzz.”

I’m sure all of you clean out stainless steel with white vinegar, run a solution through your coffeemaker to keep its arteries open, whip together a batch of pickles or dressing for a slaw . But have you used it to keep kitties out of the sandbox? Brightened the color of your carpet? Killed fruit flies?

Before I started to pen this paean to white vinegar, I did a little research. For armchair housekeepers like me, I hit the jackpot. My Site of the Day:1001 Things to Do With White Vinegar.

I’m off to add some vinegar and sugar to that vase of tulips.



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5 responses to “Pucker Up: C & C Site of the Day

  1. Pray elaborate on that Kitty/sandbox connection. I was just standing in the back door, looking way out to the back garden (yes, the snow makes it that bright) and musing that I want to go all out with flowers this Spring, which will necessitate digging out ALL the “bed” the width of the house, plus turning the corner to take out all the three-foot-deep concrete bed in front.

    Every cat in the kingdom has used that dirt for a latrine for several years and NOTHING has helped. We have a dog now, who has perfect oversight through all the front and side windows, and the cunning cats do their business to the floor show of watching him go crazy barking and leaping against the drapes—safely on the other side of the glass.

    So help. Or I’m gonna invest in another Wham-O.

  2. sparrowgrass

    I keep a bottle in the bathroom to rinse my hair. I have very hard water, and a quarter cup of vinegar in a cup of water clears the soap scum right out of my hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Do rinse with clear water, or you will smell like a salad all day.

  3. Oh, Rachel, aren’t cats shameless? I have to keep a sharp eye on mine during planting season. Anyway, according to the site:

    “Cats hate the smell of vinegar. If you have a cat that is marking its territory around your house, spray the area with white distilled vinegar then rinse with a hose.” Somewhere else it suggests spraying around a sandbox.

    Sparrow: You are a genius! The ‘Ville has water as hard as diamonds, and I’m always surprised when my hair rinses so easily elsewhere. I’m decanting some and taking it upstairs to the bathroom TODAY!

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