My Funky Valentines

When I had a job one of my chiefest — and cheapest — pleasures was making  origami greeting cards for everyone in my department, thirty or forty folks. I remember that tricky bunny I folded one Easter, those Mother’s Day bouquets, that cool dreidel for Hanukkah. But V-day was the best, because of the huge variety of possible models. The oeuvre of the great origamist Francis Ow could keep my fingers busy for decades;he was a folded heart specialist. Then you’ve got flowers, pandas kissing, devoted swan couples   — you get the sappy idea. One of my favorites required two bluebirds carrying a heart: I carved a heart from a pencil eraser and stamped the image between the birds’ beaks.

Nothing flashy — just the models pasted to a 3X5 index cards, signed with my signature rubberstamped M. I didn’t even spend money on origami paper, I used up old rolls of gift wrap. Some co-workers tacked the cards to their cubicle walls, and yes, I loved the mini-galleries of my “work” as I strolled through the pods.

I fell from financial grace last week and ordered “10-Fold Origami” by Peter Engel  I should have waited;I saw it in the library yesterday. But Engel has one sweet and easy Valentine’s Day model which would have been just the ticket for workplace romance.

Step 1: Square, colored side up.

Step2: Fold in half diagonally.

Step 3: Unfold, and repeat Step 2 on the other diagonal.

Step 4: Fold the corners to the center — you’re making a blintz base in origami-speak. Like this:

Step 5: Turn three of the flaps back until they don’t quite touch the white edges. (Italics because my picture isn’t clear about that.)

Step6: Unfold two opposing flaps and tuck under the points.

Step 7: Fold the flaps back again and you have a heart that looks as if it just popped out of an envelope!

Cheesy greeting is optional, but cheerful!



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8 responses to “My Funky Valentines

  1. Oh, My Gosh!!! I think I can DO that!!

    That’s charming and fun, and if I have to glue the light bill to the back of a Christmas Card, I’m gonna have some red-on-one-side-white-on-the-other paper and DO that.


  2. Rachel — are you sure you don’t have some leftover red Christmas wrap? Just asking. Otherwise, go for the glue.


  3. Kim

    Maggie, it’s Kim from eG! Thank you so much for starting this blog! I’ve been a big, geeky, gushy fan of yours since I started reading your posts there and am so happy to have somewhere to come to every day and read a new Maggie-ism! Cheap and cheerful just exactly describes what I love. I have a room piled with craft projects in every stage and now I suppose that I’ll have to start origami, too! May I link this blog on mine?

  4. Kim! How lovely to see you here! I’d be honored to have you link to me and I’d like to return the favor, if you send me the addy.
    One excellent feature of origami is that it requires remarkably little physical space for the materials.

  5. Kim

    Ok, all linked up. You can certainly link to my blog, but before you do, make sure that you read my inaugural post – it explains what my blog purpose is and that I am NOT (unlike you and Rachel) a writer. Here’s the address:

  6. Kelly M.

    I just made one for my daughter to go with an early V Day gift! Genius and thank you!

  7. Kelly, you are so welcome!

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